vShield_LogoWhen you deploy the vshield manager and want to change/ configure the ip address then you will need to run the setup command from the command line.

open the console from vShield manager and login to the CLI interface (during ovf deployment you may used other passwords for admin CLI and enable admin)

manager login: admin
Password: default

Go into enable mode

manager> enable
Password: default
manager# setup

Follow the setup questions and save the configuration at the end.  the ip address is changed immediately. you don’t need to restart. just login to the new ip address with you prefered web browser


vCloud 5.5 – vShield Manager 5.5 reports % Unknown Command while starting setup procedure.

 The simplest way to resolve this is not to re-deploy but just EXIT out of  manager# and re-logging in at manager> prompt. Then re-attempt to get into setup mode