Backup free vmware ESXi 5.x standalone server

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hello some of my customers has stand alone servers running only 3 or 4 vm machines on it and ESXi host is installed with a free license key. Since these vm's needed to be backed up I tried 2 backup solutions: veeam 6 and backup exec 2014 first I tried backup exec 2014. it just wouldn't backup and de snapshot wasnt possible Second I tried veeam backup. most of the time this product works well for me, but I was wrong.  it also failed to back up veeam was more clear in the error. it said that the license of [...]

LSI MegaRaid Storage Manager for IBM Serveraid systemx or bladecenter on vmware ESXi 5.x

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Long tittle i know. sorry about that i wanted to share this with everybody cause it took me hours to get this working on IBM servers ive been reading a lot of blogs about this so i wanted to put my findings here you can use a management windows station or a vm on the esx host itself (windows 2003 or higher) first i did some preparations: enabled ssh on your ESXi host start CIM server on your ESXi host your ESXi host must be 5.x !! tools that i used are: WinSCP - here Putty - here Download the [...]

Exchange Server and rollups build numbers

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Exchange Server Release dates Product name Build number Date Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 6.5.6944233 03 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP1 6.5.7226 5/25/2004 Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 6.5.7638 10/19/2005 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 8.0.685.24 12/9/2006 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 8.0.685.25 12/9/2006 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 11/29/2007 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP2 8/24/2009 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3 6/20/2010 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 14.0.639.21 11/9/2009 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 8/24/2010 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2 12/4/2011 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP3 2/12/2013 Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 15.0.516.32 10/11/2012 Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 [...]

HP SUM No default baseline found

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I was updating an hp Server and had hard time adding a baseline. so i tought to share it with all.   First, you must create baseline in "baseline library" Then, don't forget to go to "Nodes" menu and add this baseline in "general" menu then "inventory" this node, then "deploy" updates and finally i rebooted the server first before doing any update. close all programs and don't use Internet Explorer !! i ended up using Firefox to get all the updates installed

Update standalone ESX host

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Update standalone ESX host If you have a client that just has 1 ESX host then you have to manually update your esx host since you don’t have any update manager or vcenter available Here are steps to update your esx host In this example im upgrading from esx 5.1 tot 5.5 u1 Shutdown all VM’s Put the esx host in maintenance mode Enable ssh access on your esx host Open http firewall port for outgoing traffic in Configuration – Security Profile – Firewall (section) Or use esxcli command: esxcli network firewall ruleset set -e true -r httpClient use follwing esxi shell command to [...]