hello all

i’m gonna put a short post here what i did for limiting bandwith on a cisco catalyst 2960-x inbound and outbound rate. why you ask? because maybe your a provider and sold a customer a shared internet line for  3Mbit/s

the post is a collection from bits and pieces from different websites
Since you need Layer 3 switch for limiting the bandwith on an interface, you still can work arround it if you have QOS and Layer 2 switch

this is simpel to do. for example if you need 3mb outbound trafic

  • conf t
  • speed 10
  • interface gigaEthernet1/0/3
  • srr-queue bandwith limit 30

this is lil more tricky. you need QOS for this. here are the steps i did to make it work. since im not a fully CISCO CCNA i cant explain all the details. but there are some good sites out there that can explain every class, policy and all.

mls qos

ip access-list extended ACL_CUSTOMER1
permit ip any any

class-map match-all CLASS_CUSTOMER1
match access-group name ACL_CUSTOMER1

police 3000000 1000000 exceed-action drop (example for 3Mbit/s inbound limit)  –> try to play with the 1000000 value (burst rate) this one worked for me but possible you need an other burst rate for your environment

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/3
service-policy input POLICY_CUSTOMER1

enjoy and hope this helps