i had to create bulk mailboxes on exchange 2010 in my hosted environment, so i search on the internet for scripts and put them together to fit my environment.

so i wanted to use, first name, surename, Display name, username, variable password and put the users in certain OU map in AD

so my CSV file will look somehing like this


here is the script you can copy paste in a notepad and save it as .ps1

#csv file with fields:fname,lname,username,password,OUPath

import-csv ‘C:pathtocsvfileuserlist.csv’ | Foreach-object {

$Fname = $_.FName
$LName = $_.LName
$DisplayName = “$FName $LName”
$User = $_.Username
$Password = convertto-securestring $_.password -asplaintext -force
$OUPath = $_.OUPath

New-Mailbox -UserPrincipalName $User@yourdomain.com -Alias $User -Database “Mailbox Database” -Name $DisplayName -Password $Password -FirstName $FName -LastName $LName -DisplayName $DisplayName -OrganizationalUnit $OUPath

if you need the rest of the script to create global address list, addres policy, address book, accepted domain

then let me know and i will put it in my blogpage also.