Upgrade vCenter operations manager to vRealize operations manager (vCops 2 vRops)

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How to upgrade your vCops to vRops When you are still running vCOPS 5.8 then at some point you will need to upgrade to vRealize operations manager 6.  Here is how you do it. first download your ova file from vmware and then deploy the OVA file.  First you will have to accept the "end user License Agreement" and in the next step you can select a name and datacenter you want to deploy in. I left the name as default but maybe you want to give it another name thats up to you to decide. Then you need to [...]

vCenter server to vCenter Virtual Appliance convertor – VCS to VCVA convertor

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Since Vmware vSphere 6 is released the vCenter Virtual appliance (VCVA) has the same specifications as the Vmware vCenter installed on windows (VCS). So you can install the VC virtual appliance without to worry about limitations and also one windows server license less to buy. Downside is that there is nog migration path from VCS to VCVA, so before you upgrade to vSphere 6  you can first migrate to a VCVA 5.5 and the upgrade your virtual appliance to vSphere 6.  there is a cool tool do this from Vmware fling website "The VCS to VCVA Converter Appliance is the winning [...]