VMware nested ESXi 6.x

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Here are some steps to consider when create a nested ESXi Host. These steps are done on a vSphere webclient. First adjust your security  on your switch so the traffic can pass through your nested ESXi host vSwitch: Select your host and click on the manage tab. Go to the networking section and select virtual switch. Edit the switch and select your security settings. Make sure your promiscuous mode is on accepted  DvSwitch: Go to Home -> networking. Select your PortGroup and navigate to manage – Settings tab. Click on the edit button and select the security section. Make sure [...]

vSphere Web Client integration plugin problems

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When installing a new vSphere environment i always forget the IE settings to make the web client plugin work So here is a short overview for the correct settings in IE11. (for vSphere 5.5 and 6.x) and installation of the client plugin First uninstall web client integration plugin if you already installed it. After that, do your IE settings first before installing the plugin again. So open IE and go to settings and click on manage add-ons. Look for "Shockwave Flash Object" and select it. If the status says  'disabled' then click on the enable button in the button right [...]