KEMP load balancer Exchange 2016

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So I started to experiment with KEMP load balancer free edition, wich you can get here. Kemp has cool templates for a lot of services you need to configure. check out the templates here. So I needed a load balancer for my exchange 2016 servers DAG and I went to download the template "Core services: MAPI, SMTP and Unified HTTP/HTTPS" Log into your kemp load balancer and upload the template "Virtual Services - Manage Templates". click on "Add new Template" (Sorry for the Dutch language) once uploaded you will see the following templates Once you added your templates you can [...]

Exchange 2016 limits

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Exchange 2016 limits. Some limits of exchange 2016 I gathered: (post comment if you find more) Memory Per Exchange Server Instance 96 GB (VMware best practice guide) Number of CPUs per Exchange Server Instance 24 (VMware best practice guide) Exchange Server 2016 Standard Edition – maximum of 5 mounted databases per server Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise Edition – maximum of 100 mounted databases per server Maximum size of Exchange Mailbox database is 16 TB (Microsoft recommends 2TB / mailbox database) DAGs can have up to 16 members, and each member is limited by the edition of Exchange Server 2016 that [...]

Veeam direct SAN Access mode.

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Sometimes I still run into customer who don't use direct SAN access mode for backing up there VM's taking this from the veeam website (here) you still need to add iSCSI targets and disable automount in windows Requirements for the Direct SAN Access Mode To use the Direct SAN access transport mode, make sure that the following requirements are met: A backup proxy working in the Direct SAN Access transport mode can be deployed on a physical or virtual machine. A backup proxy using the Direct SAN access transport mode must have a direct access to the production storage via [...]