kemp logoSo I started to experiment with KEMP load balancer free edition, wich you can get here.

Kemp has cool templates for a lot of services you need to configure. check out the templates here.

So I needed a load balancer for my exchange 2016 servers DAG and I went to download the template “Core services: MAPI, SMTP and Unified HTTP/HTTPS”

Log into your kemp load balancer and upload the template “Virtual Services – Manage Templates”. click on “Add new Template”

kemp add template

(Sorry for the Dutch language)

once uploaded you will see the following templates

kemp added templates

Once you added your templates you can add your new virtual services. Click on “Add New” in the “Virtual Service menu”.

Fill in all the fields and select template “Exchange 2016 HTTPS offloaded”

kemp add new virtual service

So after you added the template it creates 2 lines in “Virtual Services – View/modify Services”. You can leave the Redirect line as it is. didnt adjust anyting to it.

kemp templates modify services 2

Since it didn’t work right away after adding my real servers in the SubVSs, I started reading up in the KEMP documentation. So 2 things I encountered

  1. adding SubVSs real servers I saw the HTTPS protocol wasn’t selected under “Real Server check Parameters” and the “Checked Port”: 443 kemp SubVSs real server parameter
  2. Under the Parent Service I noticed that Reencrypt wasnt selected, while in the documentation it is selected. so after enabling Reencrypt, the OWA, ECP and everything else started working.kemp reencrypt

So I hope with this post you don’t need to look for hours and just get started working with the Load balancing features of KEMP.


Let my know if you want to make me a video of it.