Exchange 2016. Allowing Users to Edit Exchange Groups They Manage

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Since exchange 2010 it's not allowed to edit a group in outlook. This has been moved to the ECP, but this means granting a user access to the ECP console. after some reasearch I found this cool article explaining a lot how it works I used methode #1 in Active Directory to add "managed by" attribute.  After that I used his steps to Create a new “Manage-MyDGs” role from an existing role Remove any commands that allow actions other than updating existing groups Create a new role group and assign it our new role Change the write scope of [...]

Introducing vSphere 6.5

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VMware announces vSphere 6.5 vSphere 6.5 is here! check out these links if you want to know more. with some cool new features i think this will be a fun edition to keep up with. some quick features vCenter HA vsphere HTML 5 client next to the Web client VSAN 6.6 -  2 Two-node Direct Connect for Remote Office/Branch Office Environments VMware update manager finaly fully  integrated ! ...many, many more check out the Press release here links

Samsung S7 edge heating up

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Samsung S7 edge heating up A lot of people facing that the Samsung S7 edge heating up and draining battery. this happened to me too on 15-10-2016. So after some searching the web I came across that there was an update wich caused the cpu to be high and drain the battery and heating up.  So hot it could destroy your phone. For a lot of people it was the Samsung oculus and the gear VR. I started looking after these apps on my phone but couldn't find them. Only the Samsung Gear VR, wich I couldn't disable or uninstall. [...]

NSX manager Backup & Restore

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NSX manager Backup & Restore. NSX is becoming very (maybe already is) important in you vSphere environment.So Backing up your configuration is essential to your environment. In case of a corrupt or bad configuration you can always restore to a previous point in time. Here is how you do it. Backup NSX First Setup a FTP server in your environment. I have chosen to set up an IIS FPT Server, but you can choose whatever FTP server your prefer. For example filezilla FTP Server, Serv-U, etc... Login to you NSX Manager (don't mind the error. I forgot my credentials for [...]

Virtual Machine disks consolidation needed – Unable to access file since it is locked

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  After some testing with Veeam backup and Replication i noticed the following warning in my vSphere Web client Virtual Machine consolidation Needed So looked simple enough and i right clicked the VM and navigated to snapshot -> consolidate. But that would have been to easy. the detail error says the file was locked. First i did some basic steps Took an new snaphost deleted the snaphost again. hoping that it would delete corretly now. tried consolidatin again. but still the same error tried migrating the vm but not available at the moment. Nothing worked. so after searching the web [...]