Since exchange 2010 it’s not allowed to edit a group in outlook. This has been moved to the ECP, but this means granting a user access to the ECP console. after some reasearch I found this cool article explaining a lot how it works

I used methode #1 in Active Directory to add “managed by” attribute.  After that I used his steps to

  • Create a new “Manage-MyDGs” role from an existing role
  • Remove any commands that allow actions other than updating existing groups
  • Create a new role group and assign it our new role
  • Change the write scope of the role assignment such that it only applies to groups that the user is set as the owner of in Exchange

Only trouble I had is that I couldn’t remove users from the list in outlook, I could remove them in the ECP console. So after some more research I came across a Microsoft technet blog

After some reading I just need to add

“Add-ManagementRoleEntry Manage-MyDGs\Remove-DistributionGroupMember”

and now I could also remove users from that group in Outlook

This was tested on Exchange 2016 CU2 and outlook 2016/office 365

I wanna thank: Rhoderick Milne” & “JOE PALARCHIO”  for their great articles.