Password Reset Windows 10 local user account

Windows 10 Logo

When you forget your password of a local account on windows 10 then you can just do the following procedure.

  1. download a Linux live CD/DVD (for example: knoppix live DVD) and burn it on DVD or make a bootable USB disk.
  2. change your Bios settings so you can boot from CD or USB.
    • For Lenovo
      • press F1 when you see the lenovo logo.
      • once in the BIOS go to exit and disable “OS optimized Defaults”
      • again on the exit option choose “Load optimal Defaults”
      • Go to “Startup” and change the primary boot Sequence. Make sure DVD and USB boor is above your HD
      • Go to “Security” – “secure boot” and disbale it.
      • Press F10 to save it

      For HP

      • press F10 when you see the HP logo
      • go to “Advanced – secure boot configuration”
      • choose legacy boot enabled and secure boot disabled”
      • Click exit and Save.
      • the pc will reboot and ask for you to type in a pin code that shows up on the screen. press enter and you will hear a little song. (!! attention. make sure you have num lock on or use the numbers on the top row, or the bios setting will not be changed)
  3. navigate to c:\windows\system32
  4. find sethc.exe and rename it to sethc_old.exe
  5. copy cmd.exe and rename it to sethc.exe
  6. reboot the pc and let windows start
  7. press Shift key 5 or 6 times until a command prompt appears
  8. use the command “net user <username> <password>. choose the correct user and use a password or your liking.

now you can login to windows. make sure you delete the sethc.exe file and rename the sethc_old.exe back to sethc.exe

and your DONE. I hope this helps someone.
(tested on Lenovo thinCentre M700 – Windows 10 Pro)

remark: the procedure for changing BIOS on Lenovo and HP can be little different depending on BIOS versions