search not working in outlook 2016

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search not working in outlook 2016 There is a new update out for office 2016 released on 27 march 2017 (update 7870.2031), that will solve search problems in outlook 2016 make sure you rebuild your index search database after applying this update. no restart needed read the all article here versions and build numbers for office 365 can be found here

IPMI/iLO setting for power management fails

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VMware power management settings on Lenovo IMM2 For some reason these settings keep giving me problems. So i came across the following VMware article "Configuring the IPMI/iLO setting for power management (DPM) fails with the error: A specified parameter was not correct" (2009169) The article helped me a little. Because I was using a special character in my password, so don't use $,@,#,% or anything like that. DPM doesn't like it. Now I was using Lenovo IMM2 so the article want completely for my case but still it helped a little. For some reason it was still not accepting my username [...]

decommission PSC from vCenter

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when its time to decommission a PSC from your vCenter this is how you do it. make sure your vcenter isn't using the PSC your decommissioning. Easiest way to check is via the VMware Web client. vCenter -> Manage -> Settings -> advanced settings search for the key "config.vpxd.soo.admin.uri". This will show you what PSC is being used by vCenter. if needed repoint the vCenter to another PSC within your Site. follow Vmware KB 2113917 shut down the PSC connect to another PSC in your SSO site. (SSH or use the console in case of appliance or log into the [...]