when its time to decommission a PSC from your vCenter this is how you do it.

  1. make sure your vcenter isn’t using the PSC your decommissioning. Easiest way to check is via the VMware Web client. vCenter -> Manage -> Settings -> advanced settings

    search for the key “config.vpxd.soo.admin.uri”. This will show you what PSC is being used by vCenter.
    if needed repoint the vCenter to another PSC within your Site. follow Vmware KB 2113917
  2. shut down the PSC
  3. connect to another PSC in your SSO site. (SSH or use the console in case of appliance or log into the windows server)
  4. the following command will unregister the PSC
    cmsso-util unregister –node-pnid “PSC-FQDN” –username administrator@vsphere.local –passwd “vCenter SSO password”

    remark: on windows server open command prompt as administrator and navigate to “C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\bin>”

tips: for the PSC-FQDN check under Nodes for the correct name:  “Home – Administration – system configuration – Nodes”