VMware power management settings on Lenovo IMM2

For some reason these settings keep giving me problems. So i came across the following VMware article

“Configuring the IPMI/iLO setting for power management (DPM) fails with the error: A specified parameter was not correct” (2009169)

The article helped me a little. Because I was using a special character in my password, so don’t use $,@,#,% or anything like that. DPM doesn’t like it. Now I was using Lenovo IMM2 so the article want completely for my case but still it helped a little.

For some reason it was still not accepting my username and password, still “A specified parameter was not correct”.  So what i did was the following

  1. change the password to something only with letters or numbers in the IMM2 interface (capital letters are OK)
  2. put the host in maintenance mode. this will move all vm’s to other hosts in the cluster (if you only have one host keep in mind for some downtime)
  3. restart the ESXi host
  4. after reboot fill in the correct username, password, ip address and mac address (it should accept it now)
  5. Exit maintenance mode and migrate your vm’s back. or wait until the DRS picks up

hope it helps someone


* From the moment of writing i was using vSphere 6.0 U3
* Lenovo Systemx 3650 M5 - 8871 series