cisco catalyst 2960 limit inboud rate – limit bandwith

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hello all i'm gonna put a short post here what i did for limiting bandwith on a cisco catalyst 2960-x inbound and outbound rate. why you ask? because maybe your a provider and sold a customer a shared internet line for  3Mbit/s the post is a collection from bits and pieces from different websites Since you need Layer 3 switch for limiting the bandwith on an interface, you still can work arround it if you have QOS and Layer 2 switch outbound: this is simpel to do. for example if you need 3mb outbound trafic conf t speed 10 interface gigaEthernet1/0/3 srr-queue bandwith [...]

cisco USB console driver

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hello In the past i always used a com port console cable like you all know "the blue cisco console cable" Now that my laptop has no Com port anymore and only one USB port i had to use the Cisco USB console cable. you need a driver for this and looking on the internet i couldn't find it right away so here is the link to the driver so other don't have to look so long Cisco USB console driver at the time of writing this the version was 3.1 good luck to everyone