Change Network adapter type from E1000E to VMXNET3 in vCloud Director

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When you use windows 2012 or windows 8 in your environment, you probably run into disconnects from time to time. Setting up a Windows 2012 server in vSphere or vCloud director gives you the standard E1000E adapter. So if you didn’t change it from the start you will need to change it later on. Means little more work and downtime of your sever. So log into your vCloud Director an navigate to your VM machine. Make sure you document the ip address of your NIC, subnet mask, gateway and DNs servers. Power off the vApp if [...]

None of the cells have a vCenter proxy service running

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Today i wanted to create a new tenant and its vApps but i ran into "failed to deploy vApp...". after searching the internet i came across similar problems but they all involved cleaning up QRTZ table, and "none of the cells have vCenter proxy running." error. So I checked my vcell and yes I had the same error. I'm pretty sure I know why, I had this error. 2 weeks ago I updated the windows OS on my vcenter and rebooted it without shutting down my cells first. VMware has a KB for this but all it says is to contact support. KB1035506 [...]