augustus 2017

Failed to connect virtual device ‘ethernet0’

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Failed to connect virtual device 'ethernet0' It seems this error is still turning up in vSphere 6.5.  I'm running vSphere I couldn't get the VM connected, so after some searching i came across this blog on the VMware community here. Seems it has something to do with VMRC 9.0. now if you read the post you come to the comment of Czernobog. at the end he had to use the fat client.  Since you cant connect with the fat client to [...]

februari 2014

vCenter Server Appliance 5.x

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The vCenter Server Appliance is good for small business to start with. VMware raised the limit from 5 ESX host en 50 VM to 100 ESX host and 3000 VM's and this all with the embedded database. If you use an external oracle database then the limits are the same as the windows version There are still some limitation in the vcenter Server Appliance no sql support for external database no linked vcenter possible no vmware update manager. you still [...]